Don’t give up on your dreams –St Lennon to young musicians

HAVING a good start in the music industry is mostly a ‘do or die’ affair for young musicians with many of them backing out on their dreams when things do not go as they wished.

Don’t give up on your dreams –St Lennon to young musicians

However, budding musician St Lennon believes there’s always light at the end of the tunnel and he is encouraging his colleagues not to give up so easily.

  “Quitting music should be your last option especially if you have the talent. You need to keep pushing until you are heard. Until Lynx Entertainment signed me on, I have been pushing myself for the past eight years and today my hard work has finally paid off.

 “I remember sleeping on the streets just because I wanted to do music. Had I given up on myself, Lynx Entertainment wouldn’t have signed me on,” he told Graphic Showbiz at the press soiree of his latest single Show Working recently.

 According to St Lennon, whose real name is Cudjoe Godfred Lino, up and coming artistes should hustle their way to success by learning the rudiments of the game.

 “I have learnt from seasoned musicians and I can proudly say that I am ready for the music industry, I’m very much prepared for the task ahead,” she said.

 St Lennon’s latest song, Show Working encourages young people to strive for excellence and diligently work until their talents get noticed.

Production on the song was handled by Nikita Bitcrush Lopatin, who has worked on previous projects by the artiste.

 The song has a catchy chorus and conveys a simple message and for St Lennon, that is a strategy to easily attract listeners.

 “This song is an inspiration I got from Burna Boy who encouraged young artistes like myself not to give up but forge ahead with lots of hope despite the hurdles that kill many young talents,” he stated.

 A graduate of Central University College, St Lennon, who has earned some considerable attention with songs such as Holy Father and Pilip said he looks forward to working with musicians such as Black Sherif, Burna Boy, KiDi, Sarkodie and Stonebwoy.

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